Opening Fat Sam's Boating Excursions is something I must have talked about for 20 years before I had the courage to do it. We offer Sunset Cruises, Island Hopping, Shelling and New memories! My goal is to provide experiences on the water that you wouldn't normally get to have. Being a new boat owner and captain in training is something I see as a huge service opportunity. Being on the water brings me to such a peaceful place. My love of fishing and boating is contagious and I can't wait to share it with you.

We are more than just a boating excursion...

In the year 2021 we are prepared to start a side venture for Fat Sam's Fish Spread and Shop. Stay tuned for the grand opening later this year.

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Meet Sea Rose, my trusty 1981 Bertram 33ft is undergoing  its final renovation phase, she's a beauty. Aboard the ship you will find four spaces for travel. The deck of the boat not only includes the ability to fish and sunbathe while being included in the action without getting wet and enjoying the views. Aboard Sea Rose you will find captain's quarters for mid-day naps, a full size bathroom, seating area for meals to be served, refrigerator, grill, and scuba group amenities. 



Kristin Cebuhar

I'm Kristin, one of Clearwater's only female boat owner and aspiring Captain! I'm originally from Minnesota where I grew up fishing with my grandfather. I moved to Florida in the early 80's, felt the sand in my toes and never looked back. With over 30 years of fishing and boating experience I've been training to do this my whole life. I'm blessed to have the recent opportunity to retire and be able to focus my energy on doing what I love. I belong on the water, and I want everyone to experience the freedom I feel chartering around the bay. 

Jerry Bush

I'm Jerry Bush and I've been a commercial fisherman for over 36 years. I used to work provided fish for Frenchy's. I'm equipped in utilizing fish-finding equipment to locate fish and other aquatic animals, measuring caught fish to determine whether they meet legal size requirements and releasing all illegal catches into the water, cleaning the caught fish, sorting them, and storing them in refrigerated or ice-filled holds.